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Pablo Lopez

How much is Your Clifton NJ Home Worth?

December 27th, 2019 by Pablo Lopez

How Much is Your Clifton NJ Home Worth? Fill in a few details and we’ll generate a custom report for you, thinking of selling or just out of curiosity feel free to use our valuation  tools. The automated valuation report will not take in to account condition, amenities improvements for a more complete price opinion […]

Getting Ready for Open House

April 2nd, 2019 by Pablo Lopez

Getting Ready for Open House   Staging Your Home: How to Make Buyers Fall in Love With these tips and tricks, your house will be swoon-worthy in no time. Read 10 Tricks for Hosting an Open House That Make Buyers Say “OMG, Wow!” Here’s what you can do to get your home ready for its […]

2018 Tax Period – Tips for Homeowners

January 21st, 2019 by Pablo Lopez

2018 Tax Period – Tips for Homeowners: Always consult with your tax professional about any tax tips or deductions based on your particular financial situation.   Tax Deductions for Homeowners: How the New Tax Law Affects Mortgage Interest Tax changes for 2019 change the landscape for homeowners. Read Are Closing Costs Tax Deductible Under the New […]